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  periodictable   Chemical industry accounts for 10,4% of the total output of Russian processing industry and about 5,4% of export profits. There are about 800 large and middle-size industrial enterprises and more than 100 scientific and research bureaus. The industry employs more than 740 thousand people.  





Russian chemical industry accounts for 1,1% of the world production output. However, by production of ammonia and carbamide, Russian companies dominate 15% of the world market.

After a long recession the industry has been showing positive development since 1999. The last six years have seen an increase of production by 1,5 times. However, the development is hindered by low profitability and lack of investments. Experts say Russian chemical industry is lagging behind the developed countries by some 15-20 years.

Basis chemistry and petrochemicals are the industry's main segments. The production in 2006 looks as shown below.


Source: Russia's Ministry of Industry and Energy

Did you know…
The earth of Russia has virtually all elements of the Periodic Table

General information
Chemical Industry of Russia by the Expert - Expert RA Rating Agency offers unique market research to foreign companies exploring the possibility of entering the Russian market or searching for Russian partners (eng)

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Russian Chemical Reviews - access to reviews of important new work from Russia and the other countries of the former USSR (eng)

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Largest companies
EuroChem - leader of Russian agrochemistry, one of the top ten global fertilizer producers. The company comprises a wide range of industrial enterprises from raw material extraction to end product manufacturing; transport divisions, and a broad marketing network in Russia and abroad (eng). This multi-profiled group of companies ranked as number 45 in "Russia's biggest companies 2006" made by Expert Agency (eng)

Nizhnekamskneftekhim - producer of monomers, syntetic rubber and plastics. Owned by Taif Group, this holding contains of 10 major plants in Russia and headquarter in Bashkortostan Republic (eng)

Fosagro - Europa's leading and world's second producer of phosphorus-containing fertiliziers, with output of 4 million tons in 2005 (rus)

Acron - one of the largest mineral fertilizers producers in the world, with annual output exceeding 4 million tonnes and a range of over 40 chemical products. Acron incorporates three agrochemical companies, JSC Acron (Veliky Novgorod, Russia), JSC Dorogobuzh (Smolensk region, Russia) and JSC Hongri Acron (Shandong province, China), as well as several divisions (eng)

Sibur Holding - Russia’s leading petrochemicals company, with a total of 34 plants and subsidiaries producing over 100 petrochemical products (eng)

Salavatnefteorgsintez - one of Russia's leading petrochemicals companies (rus)

Khimprom - one of Russia 's largest chemical enterprises with a product range exceeding 200 items, specializing in production of various chemicals: organochlorous, organophosphorous, organosilicon as well as household goods, highly effective herbicides and insecticides, polyesters for rigid polyurethane foams.

Other chemical companies
AZOT, Kemerovo - the greatest chemical plant in West Siberia, supplies Siberia and Middle Asia with fertillizers, ion-exchange resins, sulphenamide C, diaphene, ammonia, ammonium sulfate, etc. In 1995 in Kopengagen AZOT was awarded the international prize "Golden Globe" for high quality of products (eng).
AsInEx - Moscow - the largest open repository or hand-crafted organic compounds, free database of available structures in ISIS or SDF format, a leading provider of full service lead discovery and optimization solutions for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  (eng)
ChemInform St-Petersburg - St.Petersburg - developing methodology and software for chemical engineering and reactor hazard assessment (eng)
International Potash Company - IPC - Moscow - exporter of potash fertilizers produced by Russian (JCS " Uralkali" and JSC " Silvinit" ) and Belarusian producers (PA " Belaruskali") (eng)
Izhevsk Plastics Plant, Izhevsk - one of the major polymer reprocessor in Russia (rus)
Kargin Polymer Chemistry and Technology Research Institute with a Pilot-Production Plant, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region - the wide range of activities allows the Institute to offer unique materials the most of which don't have analogues in Russia; it technologies of processing and production of compositions based on polyvinylchloride, polyacrylates, polyolefines and other polymers (eng)
Kazan Syntetic Rubber Plant, Kazan - one of the leaders of Russia's petrochemical industry; the product range of the plant exceeds 160 items (eng)
NevaReaktiv Ltd. St.Petersburg - supplier of chemical reagents and laboratory utensils (rus)
Novochrom, Moscow region - Novotroitsk chemical plant of chromium compounds (Novochrom) (eng)
P&M, Moscow - Specialized in the field of production and marketing of high-quality organofluorine compounds (eng)
Russian Company "Chempack", Moscow - export of chemical products for industrial enterprises: flexible packing for any industrial free-flowing materials, chemical stuff and materials for different branches of industry; representation of major chemical companies in Central region of Russia (eng)
Sibur - Neftehim, Nizhny Novgorod – a petrochemical plant that manufactures caprolactam and ethylene oxide products (eng)
SPEKTR-T.T.T., Moscow - specializes in synthesizing of fine chemicals by your orders, and some offered products are in stock continually (eng)
Usolieximprom, Irkutsk region - is one of the leaders of the chemical industry of Siberia and Far East, a town forming enterprise with the size of the industrial staff is over 7000 persons (eng)

Moscow State University - Department of Chemistry (eng)
Open Joint Stock Company TSNIISM, Moscow region - the Russian leading research and production centre for development of composite materials and structures for aerospace, constructions, transport, sports, personal ballistic and fire protection (eng)
Petrozavodsk State University, Petrazovodsk - Department of Inorganic Chemistry  (eng)