Read what CEOs of Norwegian and Russian enterprises say about the NRCC

President of Equinor Russia, Elisabeth Birkeland Kvalheim
“The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce’s work to strengthen business relations between our two countries has the same long-term perspective as Equinor’s ambitions in Russia. In this respect, it is important to stay updated about the changing market situation, and especially to have continuous contact and exchange of experience with other market players. In this connection, the Chamber represents a constantly growing Norwegian and Russian network, in which both large enterprises and SMEs can establish relations. In our experience, Equinor has benefited greatly from NRCC membership, and, not least, we can contribute our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the business communities in both countries.”

CEO of Fiskerstrand AS, Rolf Fiskerstrand
“Fiskerstrand AS has been working with the Russian maritime market since 1999. We have developed a significant commercial relationship with Russia. More than 300 Russian vessels have received various maintenance, conversions and upgrades at our shipyard. As a member of NRCC we are regularly introduced to new potential clients and we aim for further growth in this sector. By using the membership possibilities within various networking arenas, seminars, conferences, delegations and industry cooperation, it has given us the input to understand Russian culture, history and industry even better, - elements that are crucial in order to succeed in Russia. Cross-cultural competence will always be a solid base for any kind of industry cooperation and success.”


Former President and CEO of Telenor, Jon F. Baksaas
"Telenor was one of the founders of Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. We consider Russia to be an important market, and see a clear advantage of a forum for exchange of experience and establishment of contacts. Exchange of knowledge between the companies which are involved in Russia, creates a synergy effects, which both Telenor and others can benefit from. None the less, we see the advantage of the fact that our partners of cooperation can increase their knowledgde about the country and the market where Telenor wishes to be a long-term player."

Former Managing Director of Eksportfinans, Gisele Marchand

”Eksportfinans has many years financed various projects in Russia. That's why we know how important it is to have currently updated information about the development in the market. We have also acknowledged that there is a strong need for a meeting place or an arena in Norway where Norwegian and Russian companies and institutions can enrich themselves and others with knowledge. It didn't take long before we applied for the membership in the newly established Chamber of Commerce.”