Fees 2021

Company Members

The below fee categories are based on a company’s turnover.

If a company member belongs to a group of companies, the fee will be based on a consolidated turnover of the group. For companies with domestic parent company, the fee is based on group’s consolidated turnover. For Norwegian companies with non-Norwegian parent company, the fee is based on the turnover of the Norwegian company (and its subsidiaries). The above applies vice versa for Russian companies.

If a company member belongs to a group of companies, the Board may accept to set the membership fee based on the isolated turnover of a such company member if the company’s business activities fall outside core/main business activities of the other companies in the group.

Please note that the membership fee is valid for a calendar year, i.e. from the date of the Board's approval of the membership and until 31 December of the same year.

All other conditions about cancellation and renewal apply in full.

The following fee category rates apply for 2021:

Company turnover, NOK
Per year

More than 10 bln. 

NOK 87 150 

1 bln. - 10 bln.  NOK 60 800 
500 mill. - 1 bln. NOK 43 100
100 - 500 mill. NOK 24 300 
50 - 100 mill. NOK 21 000 
10 - 50 mill.
NOK 17 100 
Under 10 mill. 
NOK 7 900 
Organisations, etc
NOK 17 100 
Individual members
above 35 year of age
NOK 7 900 
Students, individual members
below 35 years of age &
NOK 1 260


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