Russia Breakfast seminar «Anti-Corruption and human rights» - 29 March 2017


On 29 March, Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and BDO invited NRCC members to a Russia breakfast meeting «Anti-Corruption and human rights» with representatives from Kværner, BDO and Responsible Business Advisors (RBA). The focus of the meeting was on the responsible business conduct and anti-corruprion measures. 

The breakfast seminar was chaired by the NRCC managing director Jarle Forbord. The presenters were Beate Hvam-Axelsen, Head of Compliance Kværner, Arnt Knudsen, Executive Vice President, Kværner, Kirsten S. Natvig, advisor, Responsible Business Advisors (RBA), Mads Blomfeldt, partner, BDO Forensic Services.

Mads Blomfeldt presented anti-corruption measures. Kværner presented their integrity policy on Corruption and Human Rights. RBA as well as the two other presenters, insisted that the point with international standards is not to discourage companies from entering complex environment, but rather to increase the companies´ awareness of the risks, and increase their capacity to tackle them in a responsible way. Presentations with practical knowledge from companies were followed by discussions and debates with the audience.

NRCC members can watch video recording from the meeting (please note that only NRCC members with activated accounts on the NRCC website can access the video recording).



Kirsten S. Natvig, advisor, RBA


Mads Blomfeldt, partner, BDO Forensic Services



Beate Hvam-Axelsen, Head of Compliance Kværner, and Arnt Knudsen, Executive Vice President, Kværner


Beate Hvam-Axelsen, Head of Compliance Kværner


Ekaterina Usova, Trade Mission of the Russian Federation



Panel discussion with presenters