V Norwegian-Russian Business Forum was organised in Oslo on 26 October

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI of Russia) thank all the participants of the V Norwegian-Russian Business Forum (V NRBF) held on 26 October in Oslo! The event gathered 240 representatives of Russian and Norwegian companies and organizations, as well as public officials from both countries.

This is the 5th consecutive NRBF that has been organised. NRBF is a unique framework for discussing the most important issues of the Norwegian-Russian business cooperation with participation of authorities and business representatives. It is the leading business arena where Norwegian and Russian companies and organizations can present their projects, exchange experiences, meet partners and establish contacts. 

Norwegian and Russian representatives from government institutions oficially opened the Forum, followed up by interventions by high-level business experts from Norway and Russia. At the end of each parallel session participants took part in lively panel discussions with the speakers of the Forum.  

The following parallel sections were organised within V NRBF framework:

- Norwegian-Russian cooperation within Oil & Gas Sector
- Maritime cooperation Norway-Russia
- Research & Development

- Russian industry, economy & Eurasian development

The Norwegian-Russian Business Forum took place in the venue of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

Forum organisers believe that the Forum was informative and worthwhile for everyone involved. We look forward to welcoming you to the next Norwegian-Russian Business Forum, that will take place in Moscow in 2018! 

Here you can watch a video recording from the IV parallel session at the Forum "Russian industry, economy & Eurasian development"

NRCC administration.  

Photo Gallery from V NRBF:


Plenary session of the Forum at Gustav Vigeland conference room, NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

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Mr. Vladimir Padalko, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and Mr. Jarle Forbord, Managing Director of the NRCC

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State Secretary / Deputy Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway, Mr. Lars Jacob Hiim

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Director for Economic and Industrial Policy, Confederation of Norwegian         Mr. Torgeir Kydland, CEO, Statoil Russia

Enterprise, Mrs. Ingebjørg Harto 

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Mr. Sergei Shukhno, Director of the Integration Development Department, Eurasian Economic Commission


Mr. Arnt Knudsen, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Kværner ASA

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Mr. Rolf Fiskerstrand, CEO, Fiskerstrand Holding, and BoD member in the Federation of Norwegian Industries and Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce 


Mr. Fridtjof Fossum Unander, Executive Director, Division for Energy, Resources and the Environment, the Research Council of Norway 

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Mr. Vyacheslav Zilanov, Council member, Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation / Chairman, "NorFish" Coordination Council (Sevryba) 

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Mr. Svein Stolpestad, Group Vice President - Business Development & Strategy of Jotun

Mr. Leonid Surguchev, Managing Director, Lukoil Overseas North Shelf AS, and Mr. Alexander Anikin, Trade Reperesentative, Trade Representation

of the Russian Federation In Norway


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Mr. Frode Mo, Country director Russia, Innovation Norway, and Mrs. Ina Nygård Mossin, Consul on Economic Relations, Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk

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Moderators of the parallel session III "Research & Development sector": Mr. Kenneth Ruud, Vice Rector Science, UiT The Arctic University of Norway,

and Mr. Vladimir Pavlenko, Chairman of the Federal Research Center for Integrated studies of the Arctic, RAS; Vice President, International Arctic Science Committee

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Participants in parallel session III "Research & Development sector"

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Mr. Yrjar Garshol, Vice President Marketing, Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Ms. Birgit Løyland, Director General, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway,

and Mr. Rune O. Methi, Senior Project Manager, NRCC

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Moderators of parallel session II "Maritime industrial cooperation Norway-Russia": Dr. Nikolay Shavrov, Director, Innovation Norway, St. Petersburg office,

and Mr. Yrjar Garshol, Vice President Marketing, Rolls-Royce Marine AS


Panel discussion during parallel session II "Maritime industrial cooperation Norway-Russia"

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Participants in parallel session II "Maritime industrial cooperation Norway-Russia"

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Panel discussions during parallel session I "Norwegian-Russian cooperation    One of the moderators of the session, Mr. Leonid Surguchev, Managing Director, Lukoil Overseas North Shelf AS

within oil & gas sector"

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Panel discussion during paralel session IV "Russian industry, economy & Eurasian development

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Forum participants were invited to a reception on the occasion of the Forum at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Oslo. 

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Mrs. Svetlana Ozhegova, Chargé d'affaires¨, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Norway, and Mrs. Katarina Sætersdal, Senior Adviser, Internationalisation
and European policy, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
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Mr. Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld, Partner at Corporate Communications AS, Mr. Vladimir Padalko, Vice President of CCI of Russia, and Mr. Vladimir Bagreev,
NRCC project consultant in Moscow