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The NRCC offers regular networking meetings for members in Oslo.

Meetings are usually taking place on Tuesdays at 14hrs00. The NRCC organizes networking events at the facilities of NRCC members which has adequate space for a group of about 70 persons. 

The NRCC administration submits a program information to each NRCC member by e-mail.

NRCC Networking Meeting in Oslo - 29 August 2017

On 29 August 2017, the NRCC Networking Meeting took place in the facilities of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Oslo. About 55 participants took part in the meeting.

Mr Jarle Forbord, NRCC Managing Director, opened the meeting by welcoming all the participants. Then Ms Anu Fredrikson, Director of the Arctic Economic Council Secretariat, held a presentation about the Arctic Economic Council business to business activities with focus on Russia. 

IMG 7327
Ms Anu Fredrikson, Director, Arctic Economic Council Secretariat, Tromsø
The next speaker, Mr Yevgeniy Tregubenko, CEO of RT Group, Moscow, updated participants on main developments in Russian tax and corporate laws.
IMG 7333
Mr Yevgeniy Tregubenko, CEO, RT Group, Moscow
Mr Helge Blakkisrud, Senior Research Fellow of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), presented a topic "Presidential elections in Russia March 2018 – What to expect". 
IMG 7341
Mr Helge Blakkisrud, Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Research group on Russia, Eurasia and the Arctic, NUPI, Oslo
Later Mr Morten Brugaard, Senior Advisor at Innovation Norway Arctic, gave a brief overview about Innovation Norway ProRuss & Arctic 2020 with focus on financial schemes and achieved results.
IMG 7356
Mr Morten Brugaard, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway Arctic, Vadsø

Ms Anna Musiej Aanensen, Senior Vice President, Oil & Gas Projects, Export Credit Norway, talked about competitive export finance solutions for the Russian market.

IMG 7359

Ms Anna Musiej Aanensen, Senior Vice President, Oil & Gas Projects, Export Credit Norway, Oslo

The meeting continued with a presentation of a new NRCC member company Nordic Seal AS.Mr Per Stokkan, CEO, Nordic Seal AS, presented to the audience main company activities.

IMG 7364

Mr Per Stokkan, CEO, Nordic Seal AS, Larvik

Jarle Forbord, NRCC Managing Director, updated participants of the networking meeting on NRCC activities in the 2st half of the 2017. 

At the end of the meeting, participants were invited to join a networking session with refreshments, organised by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.  

Watch video recording from the meeting (note that only NRCC members with activated accounts on the website can access the video recording). Please log in with your user name and password in order to watch.


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