Russia & CIS Relevant Books 2017: Recommended Reading List

Dear NRCC members & partners, please find Russia & CIS relevant books 2017: recommended reading list, prepared by Chris Weafer, Senior Partner at Macro-Advisory Ltd from Moscow. 

weaferShort summary of the recommended reading list: 

Most useful & interesting books in 2017. The first section of this report lists the most useful (for investors and business managers) books about Russia, the CIS and Central Asia which have been published in 2017 and which offer some insight into either the economy and politics or simply how Russia works. Specifically excluded from this list are most of the “tabloid” books focusing on, e.g. the impending doom of war or simply ranting about why Russia/the CIS is either so bad or so wonderful. We mention just a few which, e.g. attracted media attention. This year there have been a large number of books covering the more sensational aspects of the Russia-US relationship, particularly the allegations surrounding the US presidential election and Donald Trump. These books are also excluded, as they offer no useful insight for investors or those doing business with or in Russia. 

The books we recommend are listed in no particular order other than within these thematic categories: Domestic Politics, International Relations, Economy,  Historical Russia,  General Books and Guides,  CIS and Eurasia.

 Download here the full report in PDF format.