CCI of Russia and NRCC discussed plans for 2018

On December 14, NRCC Administration met with Vice President of CCI of Russia Mr Vladimir Padalko. 


Mr Vladimir Padalko (CCI of Russia), Mr Dmitry Bystrov (CCI of Russia), Mrs Katarina Saetersdal (Member of NRCC Board), Mr Jarle Forbord (NRCC). Picture: CCI of Russia 

The parties discussed plans for future cooperation between the Chambers in 2018.

Upon request from Mr Jarle Forbord, Mr Vladimir Padalko informed of the results in 2017, plans for the upcoming year, current tasks and activities of CCI of Russia. On the other side, Mr Jarle Forbord informed that in November 2017 NRCC signed the Program Agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for NOK 10 million (USD 1.22 million) for the period 2017-2020. The purpose of the upcoming NRCC events mentioned in the Program Agreement is an implementation of various activities regarding interests of Norwegian and Russian companies. The aim of those events is to increase the volume and diversification of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Norway. As Mr Jarle Forbord mentioned, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was very much encouraged by the fact that the projects within the framework of this program will be implemented in a close cooperation with longstanding Russian partners of NRCC, in particular, the CCI of Russia and regional CCIs.

Also, the participants have talked about upcoming Russian-Norwegian Business Forum as a main event in 2018. It was decided that forum will be held on the 18th of October at the premises of the Congress Center of the CCI of the Russian Federation. Mr Vladimir Padalko and Mr Jarle Forbord have shared some ideas regarding concept and format of the event and so on. As NRCC believes, the most urgent topics for consideration at the forum are cooperation in the oil and gas field, shipbuilding and marine technology, science and research, aquaculture.

Finally, the participants in the meeting highly appreciated the parties' willingness to cooperate in 2018.