Statement from the Board of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia's unlawful invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy that strikes Ukraine hard and inflicts great suffering on the Ukrainian people. We strongly condemn the Russian Federation's war actions in Ukraine, and we strongly dissociate ourselves from the brutality that Russia is now displaying.

The aim of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is to work for the benefit of bilateral business cooperation. Increased bilateral trade contributes to building trust and cooperation between countries.

Russia's war actions make further development of bilateral business relations, investments and trade promotion impossible.

This could mean great and long-term damage to the opportunities for foreign investments and business cooperation with Russia, and both local economy and the employment and income of individual citizens will be severely affected.

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce will continue to offer support and guidance to our member companies, so that this crisis can be handled by each individual business or organisation in the best possible way, as well as continue to contribute to implementation of adopted sanctions according to the intention behind them. Until further notice, all other activities towards business promotion between Russia and Norway will be paused.

Although it is difficult to imagine today, NRCC hopes that in the long run, business cooperation with Russia can gradually return to normal. Nobody knows when that can happen, and today the Board of NRCC stands in solidarity with the human suffering caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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