Norwegian-Russian Matchmaking Programme Business to Business

In the autumn of 2012, the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce has launched a National Matchmaking Programme for Norwegian and Russian companies (MMP).

What is MMP?

The Matchmaking Programme Norway – Russia performs qualified partner search for investments projects, joint ventures, trade facilitation, import & export operations, joint ventures and other business cooperation.

The program has emphasis on developing knowledge about market opportunities in both Russia and Norway. In the partner search – the NRCC works hands on using business and public networks in Norway and Russia.

The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) implements the Matchmaking Program with the financial support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and participating Norwegian and Russian companies.

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Yamal business mission to Norway (MMP B2B)

How does MMP B2B work in brief?

Phase 1. Pease contact the MMP B2B Programme Manager (Russian speaking) by phone or email

Phase 2. The company fills in a company profile sheet and sends it to MMP B2B Programme Manager

Phase 3. The partner search starts and you will receive a feedback with profiles of potential partners with unique interest in cooperation. The participant is to select the preferred potential partner(s)

Phase 4. MMP advisers with competence in Russian / Norwegian business, culture and language execute a pre-feasibility study and prepare a market visit with the participant

Phase 5. The participant visits the selected company/-ies (at own cost) accompanied by an MMP adviser. The program will strive to support the participating company until a MOU is signed

Comment: The NRCC assess received business ideas, plans and carry out the identification of strategic support and expertise needs. Only after the objectives for the partner search are agreed, the matchmaking search begins.

Participation Fee?

• Participation fee is NOK 15 000 for Norwegian companies and RUB 55 000 (incl VAT) for Russian companies

• Participant is responsible for covering his/her own expenses in connection with the market visits and MMP


 “I have worked and lived in Russia as a businessperson for twenty years and these results are far beyond my expectations”.

Johnny Stromvoll, General Director, Nutritech System – about the results of Nutritech System’s participation in  NRCC’s MMP B2B Norway – Russia

2013 / 2014

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"Through our participation in MMP we have managed to establish new contacts in Norway and find new partners.

Our company is grateful to NRCC MMP for excellent and sufficient work and looks forward to further effective cooperation."

Gennady Kazanin, General Director, JSC Marine Arctic Geological Expedition (MAGE) - about the results of its participation in NRCC's MMP B2B Norway - Russia
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How to register

If you want to find partners in Norway or in Russia, please contact the NRCC MMP B2B Project Manager to discuss your project and receive all details regarding the program.

So, what do you have to do?

• Contact the MMP Project Manager

• Present your business idea, product or service

• Dedicate a Point of Contact (POC)

• Define your MM goals and expectations

• Fill in a company profile form together with the MMP Project Manager

• MMP Project Manager will give you further guidance in the process

If you have any questions about the MMP, please contact 
the MMP Program Manager Hans-Olav Rekdal.
Tel. +47 21 01 57 54; Mobile: +47 95 14 82 92.
E-mail: hans.rekdal(at)

Why MMP?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African proverb.

• Easy and qualified partner search in all Norwegian districts for Russian companies, and primarily in the North-West District of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Region for Norwegian companies;

• Open for companies from all branches and sectors;

• Includes free partner search and advisory services provided by MMP consultants with broad experience, contact network and good knowledge of Russian business, culture and language.


Top management of State company Avtodor Highway (MMP B2B) visiting E6-project in Gudbrandsdalen, nov. 2013. (Foto: Eli Ramstad, Statens vegvesen)

Who can apply?

• Norwegian and Russian companies from all branches and sectors from the North Western District of Russia & the Moscow Region and all regions in Norway can apply. We do however no exclude participation in the MMP B2B by enterprises from other Russian regions

• Norwegian Organizations, Universities and Institutes that support business cooperation/collaboration between Russia and Norway. Please contact the NRCC for more information

Other requirements

• Applicant must be a registered juridical entity in Norway or in Russia.

• Activities planned by an applicant in connection with the project should preferably be related to the applicant’s present business activities.

• Applicant should dispose a product/service which has a potential in the market.

• Applicant shall be able to allocate necessary financial, personnel and time resourses for the implementation of the project at his/her own costs.

• The participation fee shall be paid up front at the time of the submission of the application. 

 MMP deltaker

"Company Bergknapp AS is a producer and provider of so-called “green roofs” in the Norwegian market. Since the establishment in 2009, we have built up a production facility of about
80.000 sqm, located at Jæren in Rogaland. We focus on thin green roofs, also called sedum roofs. In order to produce sedum roofs we buy components abroad, therefore we need to have partners with stable and secure deliveries of such components.

By chance, we came across the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce – in a relation to a purchase from Russia. The relationship with NRCC became of decisive importance for us in order to make such a deal with the Russian provider. The NRCC’s MMP B2B program manager in Oslo was “hands on“ from the very beginning and led us through legislation, rules and business culture in the two countries, which helped us to make a company visit very successful. It was very reassuring to have the NRCC at our side while concluding contracts. For us this business deal would have been difficult to make without the help from NRCC."

    Bengt M. Tovslid, Head of Sales and Co-owner, Bergknapp AS, 01. 08.2015


“Olen Betong in Murmansk has as its motto "a solid future" which reflects being a leading concrete producer in the right place at the right time. In 2013, we joined in and took part as a participant in the NRHK's MMP B2B program Norway - Russia. 
The timing could not have been better. The NRCC program's ability to implement, by among others, to include a promotion of our company to more than fifty selected central Russian major industrial players, has been a positive contribution to our factory in Russia so that it now can be further developed with signed agreements on deliveries to oil - and gas developments worth hundreds of millions.

With continued dialogue with the NRCC, CCI in Murmansk, Sozvezdie (Arkhangelsk), local authorities in Murmansk and competent partners, we will surely be able to continue with our motto “a solid future”.

Atle Berge, CEO, Olen Betong, Murmansk, 27.04.2015


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