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Since 2005, the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NRCC) continued its active cooperation with the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RF CCI). In October 2005 the cooperation got a new solid impact, when the NRCC signed a new agreement on promoting the services of the Russian Chamber's Business Information Centre (BIC) to the members of the NRCC.

They know how

The BIC which was launched in 2004, is a valuable source of both branch related and general market information about the the Russian market. This will enable you to plan your activities and get to know the Russian economy and society. And really, who can better advise you on the Russian market than the Russians themselves, their own Chambers of Commerce and Industry and their vast network of members!

Besides, the Russian Chamber has a large number of operative Committees with representatives from the National Assembly, Duma, and top political circles in the Russian society.

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